BC Travel Logistics and Delays

In general, using the B line to get to BC takes much longer than you would expect. You can also take the C line to Cleveland Circle or the D line to Reservoir. These stops are also right near our post game party location! It is a 10 min walk to BC from here but trust me, it will be quicker than taking the B line to BC as you still need to walk from the campus entrance to Conte plus add in about 10 extra street level T stops!

Even MORE IMPORTANTSaturday is also the Boston Womens March for America which has over 50K people registered. It begins at 11am in Boston Common so Park Street and surrounding stations will be crowded and T service (and traffic) will be slower than normal. PLEASE take heed and plan travel accordingly, leave early (go see the team warmup), take an uber, carpool, whatever . . . just remember that you are not the only ones trying to use Boston’s already taxed public transit system Saturday morning. Similarly, there may be road closures so leave extra time.

GO HEELS! Let’s cheer Roy on to win 801!