Final Four – Beat Dook!


We have been at Warehouse this year (40 Broad St, Boston) as our venue and as many of you know the tables booked up basically in less than a day after we beat St. Peters, that’s 100 people. Then they reached out to those who had booked previously with them and added those people to the standing room guest list, that’s another 115 or so people which is to their capacity.

Right now those lists are both full – if you are on that list and your plans have changed or you are being counted twice because your friend also has a reservation or anything please let them know so they can clear space for others who has reached out.

We worked with them to secure a secondary overflow location nearby. That location is Central Wharf (160 Milk St, Boston) – they have space upstairs for upwards of another 100 or so people and will most likely be opening around 7pm for our game. They are not currently open and only opening up and staffing for private events like ours so please if you wanted to come out and weren’t able to get into Warehouse go right down the street to Central Wharf where the tvs and sound will be on for our game. No reservations needed, first come first serve.

Important to note that both owners have (without me asking) indicated they are 100% cheering for us.

Again, please be kind to bar staff and each other – they have been through the ringer the last two years and they are going above and beyond to do this for us.

PLEASE NOTE (should we win):

1. Should we win and Kansas wins, we will likely use these two locations again but I will confirm as soon as I can

2. Should we win and Nova wins we have to switch locations entirely (This was a Nova bar years before we found them) – this is my next problem to solve so again, please be patient

3. Should we win . . . Meet you on the corner of Broad Street and FRANKLIN STREET!


April 2, 2022
8:30 pm — 11:00 pm
Warehouse Bar & Grille 40 Broad St, Boston, MA 02109, USA